We would like to send a big congratulations to ALPHA Logic and its customer’s Mohamed Alloghani and Salman Al-Hail for being the two newest Alpha GT-R inductees to our ALPHA Elite Program.

Mohamed ran a best time of 8.8@159.51mph with his ALPHA 10 GT-R which is remarkable.

Salman had an equally impressive time of 8.430@165.74mph on “mid boost” with his ALPHA 16 “blue shark” GT-R. On a full boost pass Salman looked to dip even lower into the 8’s but lost control of the vehicle. Thanks to some fast action on Salman’s part he was able to save the car and more importantly himself from any damage.

Mohamed and Salman became the 8th and 9th 8 second Alpha GT-Rs built by ALPHA Logic Performance in Dubai.

Congratulations Salman and Mohamed and the team at ALPHA Logic Performance for such a remarkable achievement. You make it look easy gentleman!

Your helmets and trophies are being worked on as we speak!


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