Imagine a team of two traveling over 3500 miles to race 9 events in eight days at some of the most demanding road courses of the eastern and Midwest United States. Throw in a drag race event midway through the competition along with a wet and dry skid pad event to kick off and end it all and you’d think you’d already have a rough challenge ahead of you. Now imagine you have no transport vehicle, the whole journey would have to be traversed in your race vehicle and you have to do it all on ONE set of tires! That’s what Leh Keen and Doug Wilks had to do in their TopSpeed Motorsports GT-R along with roughly 80 other competition vehicles for a chance to win the 2011 Brock Yates’ One Lap of America.

Competition for the 2011 One Lap of America began at the Tire Rack facility in South Bend, IN on April 30, 2011. The event made its way full circle over 3500 miles throughout much of the eastern and Midwest United States and ended a little over one week later on May 5, 2011. With nine race events and two skid pad competitions, this event was a true a test of endurance for both man and machine.

This year, TopSpeed Motorsports chose the 2011 Nissan R35 GT-R for its well-rounded performance characteristics knowing it would excel in every aspect necessary to win the One Lap. Although the GT-R has already proven itself an extremely formidable all-around performance vehicle in stock form, amidst the stiff competition of One Lap, it wasn’t certain if well-rounded would be good enough. Aside from having two extremely qualified drivers, every ounce of speed and potential had to be extracted from the GT-R in order to stand a chance.

For a power upgrade, TopSpeed relied solely on an AMS Alpha 9 Package and their very own custom TopSpeed exhaust. The results were outstanding to say the least as Leh, Doug and the TopSpeed team swept all nine race events throughout the 8 days of competition and broke the OLOA drag time record.  In fact, the lead they commanded over the competition was so great that Leh was able to relax and have some fun – turning his final performance at the skid pad event into a full-fledged drift and burnout session.

Leh Keen takes another win at Daytona reaching speeds in excess of 180+ mph. Mind you, this is still street car with full interior, leather seats, A/C and stereo system.

With no need to earn more points for the overall win, Leh’s final performance on the skid pad turns into a drift and burnout session.