Ryan Gates:

Hey guys, here’s a few pics and a video from last weekend at Road America for an open track day. I was out there just having fun. It was nice to get out to my favorite track and have a good time…it was actually very relaxing.

As always, the car was extremely reliable…even being revved all the was up to 8200rpm in 5th gear at 177mph. I can praise this OEM 4B11T enough…along with AMS’ parts and tuning making sure everything’s in check. It’s actually really amazing to me that the engine and the whole drivetrain for that matter has held up so well over the last two years.

Yes, I got a little sideways in the Carousel And I took the kink slow (120mph) but there was no point to push the car thru some of the most dangerous corners in the country on an open track day haha. Anyways, enjoy the video and the pics. If you haven’t made it out to R/A before…get out there. It’s so much fun.





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