In an effort to prove the merits of the new Alpha 10 Twin Turbo system for the Lamborghini Huracan we took testing to a whole new level.  Making over 1000HP on pump gas utilizing twin Garrett turbochargers and intercoolers we wanted to prove how this new system safely retains the stock engine and transmission.  With only a couple hundred miles on the clock since the completion of this new kit we figured we’d knock out testing in 8 days the AMS way by completing a brutal cross country journey with the folks from the Gold Rush Rally.

Being the Gold Rush Rally we knew we needed a theme that stood out.  We chose what might be considered the best theme of all time – the Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights stock car.  Dubbed the #rednecklambo, we even sold the windshield.  After all, we do love Fig Newtons!

This isn’t a simple cross country drive. The Alpha 10 Lamborghini Huracán was subjected to hard driving on the street and also competed in a drag racing competition, completed the Tail of the Dragon, climbed Pikes Peak, conquered the Rocky Mountains, a track day at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and traversed the deserts of Nevada and California. In short a motorsports dream trip across the US.

First Drag Strip Runs Ever On The Alpha 10 Huracan

Early on in its journey was the drag racing challenge held at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  This would be the first time for this car to ever visit the drag strip.  On the 93 octane tune, the same one used to drive all across the country, the Alpha 10 Twin Turbo Huracan laid down a fast time of 9.6 @ 143mph on its first pass with an easy launch. Multiple 9 second passes were made with the highest trap speed being 144mph.  As the track cooled off a lack of traction made quicker times difficult to manage with harder launches but overall the car performed flawlessly.

The Alpha 10, Ricky Bobby Huracan secured it’s place by being the quickest Gold Rush car of the event by a landslide. Given it’s prestigious company of two Bugatti Veyrons and other Hypercars, this was quite an achievement. It seemed fitting though since “if you ain’t first, you’re last!”

Stay tuned for more pictures, stories and video of this iconic Twin Turbo Lambo.  We have many stories to tell and accomplishments to share! A big “Thank you” to Brooks Wiesblat from for the overhead drag race footage! You can see more of the drag races from that day HERE.

For more information on the #rednecklambo follow the car on Instagram at @drivewire or on Facebook under “DriveWire”.

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