We’ve been getting a lot of orders for the AMS Evolution X Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade from those who race, but also from those who previously had no idea of its importance. That’s because it’s one of those important upgrades often overlooked until the stock unit fails.


AMS Evo X CMC Upgrade vs. the stock plastic CMC

METAL STRONG . . . Plastic weak!

Breaking your Evolution X’s stock clutch master cylinder isn’t necessarily caused by upgrading your clutch to a stronger unit. It can fail with the factory clutch as well. Take a look at it – with its all-plastic construction and linkage, this is an inherent weakness of the Evo X and a severe deviation from the Evolution’s race-inspired heritage.

AMS Performance Mitsubishi Evolution X Clutch Master Cylinder Up

Complete AMS Evolution X Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade – assembled w/ clutch line.

The AMS Evolution X Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade is our tried-and-true solution to this problem. With its anodized aluminum plate, stronger steel linkage/clutch master cylinder (CMC) housing, and stainless steel clutch line, it virtually eliminates the chance of failure. It might not be that visible gem for all to see, but what it does is waive any possibility of a cracked plastic CMC housing or linkage along with the headaches and embarrassment of a disabled vehicle on the side of the road or track.


Why wait?

Whether your Evo X has a stock or upgraded clutch, replacing your stock clutch master cylinder with an AMS Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade will save you a lot of frustration and, ultimately, make it a more reliable performance vehicle. For more information, please see the AMS Evolution X Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade page here:



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