Since I first purchased my EVO 9,  I had been running the original AMS T3 turbo kit. It was a great kit and still is a fine example of a truly durable, complete, and potent turbo kit. But over the years turbo technology has changed. So with that, AMS set out to design a turbo kit to utilize today’s turbo and wastegate technology and I must say the final product is spot on.

I recently made the switch to the newly revised AMS V-Band Turbo Kit on my personal EVO 9. I kept the exact same 6765 turbo along with many other parts, the big parts that were changed were the header and o2 housing. Our new turbo kit bolts to the same downpipe as the old kit and I was also able to use my old intake.

Our in-house tuning guru Chris found some time to get the car on the dyno to see if there was a difference. I was hoping with the larger runners the car would be able to make a little more power and must say I was pleasantly surprised. The car is at 29 lbs. of boost and on 93 octane. Same as before.

As seen in the SAE dyno chart below the car picked up 66 whp and 29 ft/lbs. of torque!

Here is the STD correction of the dyno run, for those looking to compare.


Here is a quick run down of the car:

AMS Steel Rod 2.1L
-Coated JE pistons
-Manley Turbo Tuff I-Beam rods
-OEM Mitsubishi 88mm crank
-Clevite bearings
-Copper o-rings
-AMS Race balance shaft kit
-CNC cylinder head
-GSC S2 cams
-GSC Beehive valve springs w/ Ti. Retainers
-GSC No-Tick lifters
-Amsoil oil

-AMS F1i intake manifold
-Boomba throttle body
-AMS Race FMIC Kit
-AMS 950R V-band turbo kit (750R and 900X available for street and road course applications)

-AEM EMS, 5 bar map, GM AIT
-Sparktech 4 channel sequential ignition
-Carbon fiber valve cover insert
-AMS 1000hp fuel system
-FIC 2150cc injectors
-AMS small battery kit

-AMS 3” resonated test pipe
-AMS 3” cat-back

-CBRD slim aluminum radiator
-16AN SS radiator hoses

And here are some pics!

Stay tuned! We should have results for a race gas tune available some time next week.

Scott Priebe, Technician

AMS Performance


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