On its first competition using race fuel, Materialmord’s freshly built Alpha 16 GT-R trapped an incredible 336kph (209mph) at the RACE 1000 roll race event, making it the fastest vehicle of the day!  Held near the outskirts of Berlin Germany, the RACE 1000 is a 1/2 mile roll event with many of Europe’s fastest cars in attendance. The side-by-side race had competitors engage at 100kph (62mph) and included both trap speeds and elapsed times.

Materialmord Alpha 16 GT-R 336kph pass

Paul, owner of Materialmord, was able to cover the 1/2 mile on that same pass in 11.02 seconds – all on a relatively low 2.4 bar boost setting using our original dual fuel pump design! He explained,  “I think my GT-R is f&%@ ‘ing fast even with this low boost power on C16!”

On-car footage racing Supra

Side panning shot racing Supra

What’s truly impressive about this GT-R is how Paul drove it round trip to and from the event for a total of 950km (520 miles)!  A true street car, the Materialmord Alpha 16 will be running even faster at the next event since he already has our newly released Omega Dual Brushless Fuel Pump System on the way! German GT-R owners, you can expect more to come from AMS/Alpha Master Dealer, Materialmord Shop as they continue to build more powerful Alpha GT-R Packages!





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