The first article of the soon-to-be released Alpha Audi R8 V10 Twin Turbo Billet Intake Manifold is complete! Aside from the engaging looks of this R8 V10 Intake Manifold, the key requirements in the development of this induction component include the ability to support the highest horsepower twin turbo R8 V10’s soon to hit the streets in the upcoming years. For that, engineering decided upon creating a completely modular system in which components of the manifold could be adjusted or changed depending on the application.


Fully assembled Alpha R8 V10 Billet Intake Manifold in a clear anodized finish.

A Twin Turbo Audi R8 Intake Manifold Offering Functional Versatility

The manifold features an auxiliary set of ten Injector Dynamics ID1300 Injectors – all seated at proper injector angle for optimum fuel atomization. Each injector draws fuel from an integrated fuel rail located at the bottom section of each plenum! An interchangeable screw-in bell horn design allows you to choose and swap in different height bell horns to maximize performance at various levels within your engine’s power band. Inlet flanges to fit the Alpha 10 Audi R8 Twin Turbo will also be available as an option once this intake manifold is released.

Each unit is made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. Longer runners allow for additional air flow velocity and tapered plenums ensure proper air flow distribution to each of the intake ports. Finished units will be available in clear anodized or a custom anodized color of your choice!

Alpha Audi R8 V10 Twin Turbo Billet Intake Manifold

Comprised of 18 CAD designed pieces (bell horns not shown). 100% CNC billet aluminum design.

Performance testing of the Alpha R8 V10 Billet Intake Manifold will soon be underway and we will keep you posted! For questions or inquiries on this product, please contact or call us at 847-709-0530



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