David Summerbell and AMS TA1 Sweep the second race of The Caribbean Motor Racing Championship. 3 Races, 3 Wins and a new track record

This Memorial Day weekend was the second race of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC) at Dover Raceway in Jamaica. David Summerbell and AMS TA1 had a very successful weekend breaking the track record in qualifying in addition to breaking the during race lap record three times. Here is a quick run-down of the weekend’s events:

In qualifying on Sunday David and AMS TA1 set a new track lap record of 1.18.47. This beating the existing record which was also held by David and TA1 by nearly half a second.

Race 1:

Monday in the first race David started on pole and ran away with the win, finishing well ahead of Stuart Maloney in a Evo 6 (white and pink) who is currently the biggest competition and the reigning CMRC champion. David also set a new during race track lap record with a 1.19.7 lap time.

Race 2:

In the second race David reset the track during race lap record with a 1.19.3 and again took the overall win.

Race 3:

A couple hours later in race 3 David made it a clean sweep and took the overall win yet again as well as resetting the during race track record with a time of 1.19.0.

We sold AMS TA1 to David in May of 2008. Since then he has made 9 First Place finishes and broken and re-broken lap records at multiple tracks. Since we sold the car to David the only change made was a new Shepherd Racing transfer case. The AMS TA1 EVO 8 is now on its 4th straight season on the original AMS 2.3 Stroker Motor. This weekend marks 29 total Victories for TA1 since its debut in 2006.

Congratulations to David Summerbell and crew for an outstanding performance! We could not have found a better Team to carry on the winning legacy of the AMS TA1 EVO 8.

For more info on this race: http://www.wheelsjamaicahost.com/whe…pic=111667.550
For some good pics of the race: http://www.wheelsjamaicahost.com/whe…114174.new#new
For more info on AMS TA1: http://www.amsperformance.com/ams_timeattackevo.php


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