Its track day time again at AMS. Every year we rent out Autobahn Country club in Joliet for some HPDE fun. This year is no different. $225 gets you four 30 minute sessions, FREE instructors, FREE track side tech support and a day of using your car for what is was meant for.

When: Sunday June 5th
Time: 9am – 5pm*
Where: Autobahn Country Club
Cost: $225.00

Please call AMS performance to register 847 709-0530
All makes models and skill levels welcome

Please do not hesitate to register. These days always fill up very quickly

7:00AM: Gates Open
7:30AM: Tech Inspection Begins
8:30AM: Drivers meeting ** MANDATORY FOR ALL DRIVERS**
9:00AM: Drivers school for Beginner and novice run groups (45 Minutes)
9:00AM: Advanced and Intermediate run group surveillance / Parade session

1st Session

9:30AM: Advanced Run Group goes out
10:00AM: Intermediate Run Group goes out
10:30AM: Beginner Run Group goes out (no passing)
11:15AM: Short follow up classroom session for beginners

2nd Session

11:00AM: Advanced Run group goes out
11:30AM: Intermediate Run group goes out
12:00PM: Lunch for one hour
1:00PM: Beginner Run Group goes out

3rd Session

1:30PM: Advanced Run Group Goes out
2:00PM: Intermediate Run Group goes out
2:30PM: Beginner Run group goes out

4th Session

3:00PM: Advanced Run group goes out
3:30PM Intermediate Run group goes out
4:00PM: Beginner Run group goes out
4:30PM: Closed session for instructors and staff


*Gates open at 7am, tech begins at 7:30 and a mandatory drivers meeting is at 8:30. AMS recommends all participants get to the track no later that 7:15am to not risk losing out on track time.


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By utilizing research and development and rigorous testing programs AMS will never compromise the quality or performance of our products.

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