Initial testing is in, and needless to say, we are quite pleased with the results!! We wanted to make sure as much could be kept the same between tests so boost was set at the same level and as little tuning changes were made as possible. The only mechanical changes between tests were the manifold swap, fuel rails, lines and FPR, and a slightly redesigned intercooler pipe section to allow for the new throttle body placement.

As you can see on the dyno chart, massive top end gains are made with the new manifold due to the greater flow it offers over the stock manifold. As with most modifications, there is a trade-off for low end spool time due in part to increased plenum size. This spool difference is also exaggerated by the 20 degree ambient temperature increase between testing days. If we were able to perform the test on the same day in the same lower ambient temp, we are confident the spool time would be greatly reduced and more horsepower would have been made.

All in all we are very happy to be finalizing our manifold and bringing it to market! We fully expect this to be the manifold of choice for the highest horsepower EJ motors out there.


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