More track car updates!

One of the requests our customer asked for was a high volume fuel cell that would retain the weight distribution of the factory cell…a tall order indeed. However we love a challenge.

Here we see Justin cutting out the floorboard of the GT-R to make room for our new carbon fiber saddle fuel cell we are making. It should be pretty wild when we are all done

AMS Performance Track Nissan GT-R Build

AMS Performance Track Nissan GT-R Build

AMS Performance Track Nissan GT-R Build

All Cut away and ready to start mocking up a design

Here we have a very rough mock-up of our idea. From here the engineers will use our CMM arm and measure the area to see what our space limitations are and build the highest volume cell with the area we have to work with.

While Justin and the engineers do their thing its time for Eric Jones to get cracking on installing our new billet bolt on turbo upgrades. This particular car is getting a variation of our SR750 package but will be tuned on low boost. He wants a well rounded but very reliable car and pushing the stock turbo’s is not something he wants to do, nor do we recommend.

Big ol CBRD Radiator installed….really looks massive from this picture. That’s because it is!

And THAT my friends is how you strip an engine bay! When Eric does something he does it all the way hahaha

The engine is out and turbo’s removed. Time for Eric to toss on the AMS billet Turbo upgrade


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