AMS recently had a good friend and customer of ours ask us to look into some performance upgrades for his V10 R8 to help shrink the gap between his ALPHA 10 GT-R. The first stage was to measure stock HP and to do a custom AMS tune.

Thankfully we had just invested a great deal of time and money so we can do in house custom ECU tuning on just about every European car on the market.

The results on a totally stock car were impressive to say the least!

A 66whp gain and almost 40ft lbs of torque! Again this is nothing more than a custom AMS tune on a bone stock Audi R8 V10

Stock WHP: 465.75
Stock Tq to the wheels: 361.38

Stock with AMS Custom Tune: 531.29 whp
Stock with AMS Custom Tune: 398.44 Ft lbs or Torque!

This service is now available for any R8 Owner.

Stay tuned for more updates


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