Last night we got a chance to take Tim’s Alpha 10 Package Equipped Nissan GT-R to the track to see what it would do down the 1/4 Mile. Our good friend John Shepherd joined us to do the honors and pilot the car down the strip. The first run of the night the car ran a 9.523@150.62mph loosing traction in 1st and 2nd gear! Thankfully the track officials let us have one more shot before kicking us out so after small adjustments the car lined up again; John launched and shifter the car like a champ lighting up the clock with a 9.33@153.24 MPH pass – The World’s Quickest & Fastest R35 GT-R! We’re still editing the track footage of the run which we’ll have ready for you in a few days. Meanwhile here is quick video of the gauges from the 9.33 run.


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