We are extremely pleased to see the number of people interested in our Alpha Mercedes-Benz 45-Series AMG Performance Air Intakes! With hundreds of these intakes sold in the last few months alone, it’s clear to us that A45, CLA45 and GLA45 owners are fervently in search of aftermarket upgrades to improve upon the stock AMG design.

The trend continues with our Alpha Mercedes-Benz 45 Series Heat Exchanger Upgrade

When we discovered that the 45 Series AMG’s were producing over 28psi of boost, a higher volume, more efficient heat exchanger was something we had to look research. With these vehicles producing up to 3x more boost than most turbocharged cars, we noted that the stock heat exchanger didn’t perform well when our very own CLA45 AMG was driven aggressively throughout extended periods of operation.


Get The Most Power From Your CLA45 AMG

Most of you already know that compressing (boosting) air creates undesired heat. The function of the liquid-to-air intercooler is to reduce intake air temperatures so that more consistent power is available at all times. Unfortunately, the problem with the 45 Series AMG heat exchanger is that it can only reject so much heat before fluid temps become too hot to effectively cool the charged (boosted) air. The longer you drive, the more aggressive you drive, or the warmer the weather is – all these conditions will affect acceleration and performance of the 45 Series AMG.

Alpha Performance 45 Series AMG Heat Exchanger Upgrade

Alpha Performance 45 Series AMG Heat Exchanger Upgrade. For use on the Mercedes Benz A45, CLA45, or GLA45 AMG

The Alpha Performance Mercedes-Benz 45 Series Heat Exchanger is a bolt-on upgrade increasing both overall size and efficiency. 38% more volume than stock with 22 fins per inch, our core provides additional liquid capacity as well as greater heat dissipation – no more sluggish performance the longer you drive. It’s a great upgrade for stock performance, but certainly a must have once we start rolling out tuning, exhaust components like our A45/CLA45/GLA45 AMG downpipe and our turbo upgrade.

Super Easy, Direct Bolt-In Intercooler Upgrade

With normal hand tools, the CLA45 AMG Turbo Cooler installs within 30-40 minutes.  Simply remove the wheel, inner fender liner and the factory cooler.  The new unit swaps right in using factory hardware without any cutting or modifications to your car.

Exclusive Benefits

  • 38% more core volume
  • 22 fins per inch core made to Alpha spec
  • Motorsport quality heat exchanger core made in the UK
  • Core and tanks designed in CFD heat transfer software to allow for greatest heat dissipation
  • Billet aluminum end tanks
  • Installs in 30-40 min. without cutting or drilling
  • Can be used on stock or modified vehicles


  • Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG / CLA45 AMG / GLA45

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