A year ago, we began studying the 4.0L TFSI twin turbo Audi C7 S6/S7 and our engineers found that neither vehicle model could sustain maximum acceleration and power output throughout extended operation or warm weather conditions due to the inadequate stock heat exchanger system. Engine performance would fall off dramatically the longer they were driven.

Alpha Performance Audi S6 Boost Cooler

Alpha Performance Audi S6/S7 Turbo Cooler System

To correct this problem, the Alpha Performance Audi C7 S6/S7 Turbo Cooler System consistently lowers intake temperatures, eliminating the heat soak that robs your Audi S6/S7 of horsepower. It features a premium quality, triple pass heat exchanger, an extra large coolant reservoir, and a brushless coolant pump to maximize flow rate throughout the system. The result is a cooler intake charge that improves acceleration, power and consistency while allowing your Audi S6 or S7 to operate safely no matter how hot the climate or how long you drive for!

Alpha Performance Audi S6 Boost Cooler

Over 40°F drop in Intake Air Temperature (IAT) throughout operating range!

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Alpha Performance Audi C7 S6/S7 Turbo Cooler System


  • High quality triple pass heat exchanger
  • Hand-fabricated coolant reservoir
  • Brushless coolant pump
  • 4-ply heavy duty silicone
  • Brushless pump plug-in jumper harness
  • All hardware needed for install

Exclusive Benefits

  • Much better heat rejection vs. stock
  • No more loss of horsepower due to heat soak
  • Car runs cooler all the time
  • Cooler intake temps boost engine power output
  • Increased efficiency of the OEM intercooler
  • No drilling or modification to the car required – 100% bolt on!


  • 2012+ S6 (C7)
  • 2012+ S7 (C7)


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